We all possess an inner treasure, a story of hope; most of us have not yet told our stories, not yet shared our inner treasure with others. Join the WeINSPIRE Movement, as we celebrate hope with and spread inspiration across the country and around the world.


WeINSPIREday, Saturday, June 1, 2019.


Let the world know WeINSPIRE is here to light up the world! Besides, why not? We ALL need inspiration to thrive on this journey called life. People are inspiring one another all around us daily and often have no CLUE. On June 1st let’s acknowledge living this life is not just about us, it’s who we inspire, who we affect to effect a positive change around us, and how we thrive.


1. Add at least 2 people to one of the WeINSPIRE social media platforms, like our Facebook group, daily. Yes, daily!

2. Text at least 5 people the following: Let’s make 06/01 a day to inspire! Come join me! For more info IG: @weinspiremovement or Forward the official WeINSPIREday email to friends and family. EMAIL BLAST

3. Change your social media profile picture(s) to the WeINSPIRE graphic (download here).

4. Use your smart devices and record a video of yourself sharing “What inspires you?” WeINSPIRE or “I support WeINSPIRE” (post to your social media and tag #weinspireday)

5. Invest in Inspiration! Donate Here!

6. Wear WeINSPIRE merchandise and snap a selfie and post on social media! Or just use our sign!

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Download WeINSPIREday 2019 Explainer

Download WeINSPIREday 2019 Explainer