WeINSPIRE reports, connects and assists in the creation of inspirational narratives.


WeINSPIRE movement is the premier platform for inspiration that leads to action.  We celebrate positive examples, ignite passions, and empower people.




People often lack the necessary inspiration and push to reach the best version of themselves --enter WeINSPIRE. Designed to provide every person with the help needed to strive for new heights.

WeINSPIRE CEO, Jamarl D. Clark, had a vision in April of 2014 that led to the organization’s founding, to spread positivity and inspiration to people all over the world. He sent an email to twelve people outlining this vision and soon established a team that aligned to his ideas and inspiration.On June 3rd, 2014, his team encouraged thousands of people to share pictures, stories, and narratives of their mission to inspire through the use of the hashtag #weinspire6314,  

By September 2014, community members in the District of Columbia joined together to identify how WeINSPIRE could eventually become a movement of positivity, inspiring and helping a variety of people all over the world.

In 2015, the WeINSPIRE team began curating ways to recognize  individuals or non-profits/organizations consistently going above and beyond to inspire others to service, leadership, and volunteerism. WeINSPIRE Ambassadors was born.

As WeINSPIRE began to unfold and gain traction in our communities, Jamarl and the founding board worked toward taking the organization to new heights as an official 501 (c ) (3). Our nonprofit status was granted on April 20, 2018.

WeINSPIRE has honored more than 30 ambassadors with the number growing monthly. We provide an internship program, specifically created for talented college graduates interested in gaining experience using community outreach and social media to spread and fuel inspiration.  

Today, WeINSPIRE is focused on informing and empowering all people to spot, create, or celebrate inspiration via social media. We use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to report on positivity and work hard to empower people that are in dire need of help. Our focus going forward is to report, connect, and also assist with the creation of inspirational, quality content that everyone can rely upon. Our vision is to become the best platform for inspiration and we hope that our boost and help will lead you to take action.

We are looking forward to our fifth anniversary in 2019 and we are constantly trying to find new ways to help and inspire people unlike never before! If you want to share your inspiration story and maybe even help other people, just get in touch with us!