Meet The 10-Year-Old Helping The Homeless Across The Nation

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I wanted to do something to bring awareness to homelessness.” 

-Jakhil Jackson

Image Source: Tom Tuohy  Forbes

Image Source: Tom Tuohy Forbes

            People are fantastic, and our world is full of beautiful, caring, and smart people. Today we are fortunate because there are some outstanding kids out there doing excellent work. Jahkil Jackson of Chicago, Illinois is one of these exceptional young people.

            Jahkil created the social entrepreneurship program, Project I Am when he was only 8-years-old. Jahkil was inspired after he helped his aunt distribute food to the homeless population in Chicago. From this moment on, Jahkil Jackson knew that he wanted to do more to make a difference. Jahkil’s goal is to help those in need.

            The mission of Project I Am is to help the homeless in Chicago and throughout the world. Project I Am gives out "Blessing Bags" to those in need. Blessing Bags are filled with basic items like toiletries and other essential things that homeless people desperately need.  

            Today, Jahkil has given out over 6,000 Blessing Bags. He has sent bags to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida. President Obama honored Jahkil's work on Twitter and in-person. Jahkil Jackson is an ambassador for social change, and he has a passionate drive to help those in need; his work is an inspiration.

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Here is a link to Jahkil’s Project I Am website.


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