How to Get it Done, When It’s Easier To Stay In Bed

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Courage does not come naturally to everyone, but with a little organization, we call all develop strength and bravery."

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Courage is a talent that can be learned and practiced every day. Determination and resolution are merely doing the small tasks that form part of your goals. In other words, courage is taking action not attaching yourself to the result. Courage is similar to practice; in fact, doing anything at all demands courage.

Try not to get lost in thoughts; they can lead to procrastination. Instead get a calendar or organizer and start scheduling tasks on your calendar, and as you complete these tasks - cross them off one by one. This exercise will give you a feeling of remarkable accomplishment. Once something is on your schedule, you obtain a little more control over life's chaos.

By putting things on a calendar, we make an affirmation to get things done. When the event comes around, we can feel safe knowing that we can always back out. Once you finish the task cross it off the list and reward yourself, you deserve it. Change happens piece by piece, and doing little things like buying an organizer can transform our daily lives and increase our sense of productivity.



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