Stolen Bicycle Leads To 'Little Acts Of Kindness' In Brooklyn

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Taking action causes a surprising reaction."

A woman whose bicycle was stolen decided to take action by painting a giant sign that said: "To the person who stole my bicycle, I hope you need it more than me." This message motivated people in her neighbor to her to donate money and old bicycles, pretty soon the lady whose bike was stolen was showered with gifts and kindness. Suddenly this woman was transformed from victim to empowered community leader with a single action. Showered with gifts and money the woman decided to donate the old bicycle and give the money to charity. Thus, a stolen bike began a series of philanthropic endeavors in Brooklyn; every cloud has a silver lining. This woman is an excellent example of how any situation can be turned into an empowering experience. Her story is an inspiration to think different.

Here is a link to her video a local news station.

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