WeINSPIRE Ambassadors Program 2020


WeINSPIRE Ambassadors Class of 2019-2020: WeINSPIRE Ambassadors are individuals or a non-profit chosen by the WeINSPIRE Movement from nominations by the greater community. WeINSPIRE Ambassadors are recognized for  going above and beyond, calling others to be truly inspirational in service, leadership, volunteerism, and life. Those honored as WeINSPIRE Ambassadors range from mentors, life coaches, master barbers, and abuse survivors. 

WeINSPIRE Movement selects 5-9 nominees annually to amplify the impact of their work and inspire others to get involved in their communities.  We offer the following to those honored: 

  • WeINSPIRE’s Social Media/Website recognition

  • Eligibility to apply for WeINSPIRE Ambassador Mini-grant in support of the work you are doing in your community.

  • Podcast Interview with WeINSPIRE’s Founder/CEO

  • WeINSPIRE “Swag”   

  • Mentorship with a current WeINSPIRE Ambassador

  • Access to network of over 30 WeINSPIRE Ambassadors

  • Invitation to collaborate with your class to execute a service project in your area

APPLY here or NOMINATE here

Applications/Nominations for the WeINSPIRE Ambassador Class of 2020 opens September 9, 2019.

A new class of WeINSPIRE Ambassadors will be selected each year. If you’re interested in the program, we invite you to apply when we reopen applications/nominations in Fall 2019. If you’d like to be notified of program updates, sign up here.

We invite you to meet our WeINSPIRE Ambassadors here .


What is the annual timeline for selection?

Applications/nominations are accepted beginning September 9th and  close at 11:59 pm EST on November 1st.

When will the next class be announced?

We announce the new class annually, on the first Friday of January.

How often do you accept applications/nominations?


What is the time commitment?

Not a full-time commitment, but active and engaged participation is key. Participating in the full program, including reporting out requires approximately 5-15 hours per month

Do I get paid?

No. If chosen for recognition, you can apply for a mini-grant to support the work you’re doing in your community. 

Is there an age requirement?

Applicants/Nominees must be 16 or older.