Be Inspired.

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Making the world a better place can begin with the little steps we take towards inspiring others. Encouraging positivity turns the negativity we encounter in the news, in our interactions with people, and in the thoughts that overwhelm us on its side. Gun violence, sexual crimes, corruption in politics and even self-doubt are all forces that impact our perspectives and our lives each day, tiring us out. With little or no financial burden, and a pledge to use even short amounts of our time to be intentional, share positivity, stand together in unity and inspire one another, we have the power to change the negative to positive.


  Click image to download WeINSPIREday One-Pager

Click image to download WeINSPIREday One-Pager

WeINSPIRE started on June 3rd, 2014, and since its inception, the organization has played a vital role in influencing many to embrace positivity and be a source of inspiration to all those they come across. The intent of this one-day focus provides an opportunity for celebrities, social media influencers, and everyone around the world to take part in this great effort to share inspiration. 


The 5th Annual WeINSPIREday is Saturday, June 2nd, 2018. Everyone is encouraged to share inspiration by:

 Click image to download WeINSPIREday sign

Click image to download WeINSPIREday sign

●      Recording and posting inspirational messages. Dedicated your message to a person, charity, or cause. Tell the world how that person or cause inspires you.

●      Take and post your WeINSPIRE selfie. Use this sign and communicate your positive message of inspiration. The blank can be filled in with messages such as; Love, Hope, Vote, End To Gun Violence or any other information that communicates a positive message.

●      Celebrities and social media influencers can utilize social media to record a video or go “live” and answer the question “How do you inspire others?"

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, you are an influencer in our world, raise up your voice

However, you choose to participate and celebrate, be sure to use #WeINSPIREday.



More information about the campaign or if you’d like to partner or offer support, can be obtained by visiting the website or contacting the organizers .