WeINSPIRE Ambassadors are individuals nominated by their community for going above and beyond to inspire others to be truly inspirational in service, leadership, volunteerism, and in life. It is truly beneficial to display and celebrate stories and opportunities of inspiration. Pure inspiration happens daily and it produces an infectious attitude toward the inspiration of all peoples. Those designated as WeINSPIRE Ambassadors range from mentors, life coaches, master barbers, and abuse survivors. So go ahead and tell us about someone that deserves to be a WeINSPIRE Ambassador.

Upon accepting the nomination as WeINSPIRE Ambassador one agrees to the following:

  • Uplift the mission of the WeINSPIRE Movement by inspiring individuals to contribute their time and talent to motivate the world.

  • Participate in or host an “Act of Inspiration” on WeINSPIRE Day, June 3rd

  • Able to do a Skype, Goggle Hangout, or Periscope interview with the We Inspire Team

  • Provide a brief bio, a head shot picture of yourself. In addition, a photo of being in action while inspiring others and photo.

Note:  WeINSPIRE  will be recognizing one WeINSPIRE Ambassador the 3rd of each month. The WeINSPIRE Ambassador will be feature on the official WeINSPIRE Movement website, social media networks, and other outlets. In addition, those named as WeINSPIRE Ambassador will be given a certificate of recognition .

Check out the WeINSPIRE Ambassadors Hall of Fame or  Nominate Today!